Monday, April 11, 2011

Imitating Budd

No, I don't mean by pretending I'm an Manataur.

If you've ever seen the movie Up, you know there's a scene where the two protagonists meet Dug, the talking dog.  When he begins to describe the collar that allows him to talk, Dug is distracted by a "Squirrel!"

Well, that's sort of what I've been up to lately on Tomakan.

I've been leveling Tom's Engineering, and since I didn't feel like paying the AH prices for Fel Iron and Adamantite, I've been rummaging around Outland, farming the stuff.  And in true Budd fashion, the "Shiny!" has been distracting me.

"Well," I thought, "since I'm here, I might as well solo a few heroic BC instances.

"And oh look, there's a quest here.

"And I can pick up the To Hellfire and Back achieve with a few more quests.

"And I can see about getting enough rep to get into the Tempest Keep heroic 5-mans.

"And here's some quests that lead into Draenei lore."


Well, you get the point.

This is why I put on blinders when I was leveling Tom and Neve to L85; the lure of the Shiny! is just too great.  Maybe if you've got a stable full of alts this is all old hat, but to me, this is still new.  Yes, even BC, because I'm exploring things from an Alliance point of view.


One thing that I've been struck by is how perception is indeed reality in Azeroth.  Take Dustwallow Marsh, for example.  If you've leveled through there as Horde like I have, there are a few simple truths to the region:  the Grimtotems are a loose cannon, the buildup to Onyxia dominates the questing, and Theramore dominates the area.  If you get even just a little close to the place at level, the magnitude of the stone walls and cannons --and oh yeah, the soldiers-- make the place look impregnable.  Brackenwall Village is your kids' backyard fort built with leftover lumber by comparison.

Then try leveling an Alliance toon and take the ship from Menethil Harbor.

Once you land on the dock, the first thing you're struck by is how empty Theramore really is.  With such a frontal display of might, your mind conjures up a battalion or two of Lordaeron's finest.  While there are buildings around, there are so few NPCs to match.  What's more is that a good portion of them are actively trying to subvert Jaina's leadership.  Once I got over the surprise, I laughed.  Psychological warfare is alive and well in Azeroth.


I'll elaborate on this in a later post, but I'm struck by the parallels to the history surrounding the BC races.  Both the Sindorei and the Draenei had most of their race willingly turn away from the Light and embrace the Burning Legion.  Both have dealt with genocidal campaigns, and barely cling to survival.  Both mistrust the other, yet would do well to examine their own ranks more closely.


Heard Around Azeroth

In Battle of Gilneas:
BL:  I can't believe half of our team is AFK!
Neve:  We're not.  We're getting corpse camped by two Hunters, two Locks...  ::dies:: and a Priest.
BL:  And you can't break through that??
Neve:  Not when they're on the boat with you.
Priest:  And no @#$% tanks, either!!

In Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula:
[Tomakan (L85) is perusing the offerings by the Honor Hold Quartermaster for curiosity's sake]
Warrior:  ::challenges Tomakan to duel::
Tomakan:  ::inspects the Warrior, finds he's L61, and Declines::
Warrior:  ::challenges Tomakan to duel::
Tomakan:  WTH is wrong with you?  ::Declines::
Warrior:  /flexes  I'm bad!  I'm bad!
Tomakan:  ::Mounts and flies off to a Shattered Halls run::
Warrior:  ::challenges Tomakan to duel::


  1. I am so with you! It is all about the shinies. I think all the people who rage quit and now hate WoW somewhere along the road lost sight of the shinies. I can still see the shinies, so WoW is awesome, even on the 5th trip through Hellfire.

    P.S. Can't wait for the follow up on psychological warfare.

  2. @Ama-- I concur. It could take me years to see everything there is to see, and by then there'd be another whole bunch of stuff to check out.