Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Never Know

Last night my family attended the district-wide Festival of Bands held at our local high school.  The Festival of Bands pulls together all of the woodwind, brass, and percussion band students throughout the entire school district, from 5th Grade through 12th Grade, for a combined concert.  The concert showcases all of the hard work the band students have been putting in --my oldest, a flutist, among them-- and gives them a chance to shine on the stage.  (Or in this case, gymnasium, as there were over 400 students assembled for the program.)

We left after the concert and went back home, just in time for my wife to realize that she'd accidentally a book she'd been reading behind.  I went back to the high school to go hunt for the book, hoping that the building hadn't been emptied and locked for the night.

Luckily for me, I encountered one of the band directors when I was roaming through the gym, and he suggested we try the high school band's office.  We crossed into the Commons area, and while he called his wife my eye was drawn to the lost-and-found shelf.  I pointed to myself and at the shelf, and the band director nodded while he talked on his cell.

I searched under the hoodies and jackets and found a few notebooks which I searched through, but not much in the way of my wife's book.  I set the notebooks back, and it was then that I noticed the owner's name of the topmost one:

Jimmy "Leeroy" Jenkins

"For the Horde!" I whispered, smiling.


  1. Nice story :) Hope your wife finds her book!

  2. @Windsoar-- It was in the band director's office; my wife had left it on the table where they were selling t-shirts.

  3. Haha, that's awesome!

    Your story brings back happy memories of being one of the band kids myself :D

  4. Amazing how some legacies can last, passed down through gamer generations. Sometimes you wonder if they even know what it means :)

  5. @Kamalia-- Although I'm not a band geek myself, I can appreciate the camraderie!

    @NaturalGamerGirl-- Somehow, knowing WoW, the kid probably does know. ;-)