Friday, March 18, 2011

So Many items to craft, so few toons to do the dirty work...

There are days when I feel like two toons are one toon too many.  Then there are days when I look at the AH prices and grumble that I don't have enough toons.

I've been spending some of my recent time leveling Enchanting and Tailoring on Neve, and as I watch my gold disappear into the WoWified ether, I'm reminded of the old maxim:  The questgiver giveth, and the Auction House taketh away.  But at least she can craft her own high level gear; Quintalan and Tomakan don't have such a luxury.

Sure, Jewelcrafting and Engineering have their perks, but in terms of the majority of gear I'd need a blacksmith to do the dirty work.  Since there are some decent Cata items you can craft via Blacksmithing, I really really really would like to level an alt to get access to that stuff.

But I'm also conflicted on leveling another alt.

I mean, it is a grind leveling again.  With Cata zones the way they are, you kind of have to go through them to finish all of the phasing.  The XP you get from BGs and instances got nerfed with Cata's release, so I don't have the option of pugging my way to riches like I did with Tom and Neve.  (Okay, the option is still there, but not as good as before.)

At the same time, there are races and classes I've thought about trying that I haven't had too much of a chance to experiment with before.  The concept of a NE Mage is appealing --hey look, an outsider group in the Alliance!-- but also tinkering with a Worgen or Orc Lock could be good.  (Shadow Council?  What Shadow Council?  I don't know what you're talking about!)


After being oh-for-January and most of February, I finally started getting on the winning side of BG runs.  I still can't win Warsong Gulch to save my life, but I finally got into some winning AV, AB, and BoG battlegrounds.  Considering I'm starting over with building up my PvP gear, I'll take whatever badges/points/whatever I can get.

Even after all this time of playing my three toons, I still have this annoying --and often fatal-- habit of charging into the heart of the enemy side while on Neve.  I get this "I have to close to really do some damage!" mentality going, and all I can think of is Crusader Strike, Templar's Verdict, Inquisition, and other Paladin abilities.  I'm sure that my wife wonders who the hell I'm talking to when I constantly say "No no no!  Stay back, dammit!  Stay back!" to the computer screen.


I've posted before about what happens when my kids watch me play WoW, but it had been a while since any of them had done so.  I guess I'd kind of forgotten exactly what it was like having extra pairs of eyes watching me play, when I'd gotten into an Arathi Basin run last week on Neve.

A Hunter and I took the Gold Mine and we kept beating off persistent attempts by a Rogue to ninja us and steal the Mine.  After the Hunter pursued the Rogue up toward the Alliance base, I pulled back to see a Pally coming down the other way.  In the ensuing duel, I died once but ran back and rezzed to finish the job.  Just as I let out a big sigh of relief, I got one-shotted from behind.

"Stupid assed Rogues," I grumbled as I sat by the Spirit Healer, fuming, as I watched the Hunter chase after our persistent pest.

"You died again, Dad!" a small voice piped up at my elbow.

I must have jumped a good foot in the air because my youngest got the giggles.  "Scared ya!"

"Hey!" I protested, turning my head in her direction.

She pointed at the screen.  "Oh look, you died again."


  1. That's why you join a guild and have them help you out... You don't need to be completely self-sufficient

  2. True, but I'm also thinking about that one guy we had in Alt over a year ago, where just about anything he did was ask for stuff. That can grate on the nerves, and I'm not the type to impose much anyway.

  3. ROFLs to the kids pinging ya to death! Anyways, it is always a very long grind when trying to get another profession down. I myself am an altiholic, much to the annoyance of my guildees. I love my leatherworking, blacksmithing and enchanting. BUT!! It's painful when you are going through stuff. On a pve server for me, grinding out mats (especially for my warrior in outland) can be wicked evil. I did BS with him and tried to keep his skill equal to his level. Actually got to the point right now that I have to level to get back on par with the skill.

    My 2 pvp toons are also working skills, one is for enchants, the other for leatherworking. For me though, I prefer social company along with my wife as we level together and the guild we belong to which is mostly social with light raiding and light pvp. It actually takes up serious time either way andI've found I actually need to prioritize my time for skills. Good luck out there though!