Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recycled content...

Never have I seen a company recycle so much content. In fact, it’s

gonna get really old if everything is always the same. However,

give it time and I’m sure we’ll see some new stuff.

You have to trust that a company as big as Blizzard has something up its sleeve.

Up until the news of the re-release of ZG and ZA, I

never thought I’d see them again. I should say I hoped that would be the case anyhow.

Gonna be fun to see how they changed the dungeons and mechanics. Hopefully, it will

let us get the mounts a bit easier this time, though I seriously doubt it.

You have to wonder though, what else is going to be recycled? Will we see MC version two?

Down to even lower dungeons such as stratholme version 2? If that’s the case I can say I’m

NEVER – ever gonna be really motivated to run them. Seriously, who’s really

gonna want to do that all again? I certainly don’t. In fact I’d be happy to

run any new themed dungeon that’s introduced. You think we’ll see any new dungeons

around path 4.2 as well? I really hope we do, because if the content doesn’t hold my interest

and burn out starts to set in, it would be a really big shame to

desert this game after so many hours put into it.

You can’t take things too seriously though.


  1. Personally I'm looking forward to the remakes! I'm already rerunning old instances on a regular basis, to me it's kind of running through Mario. It doesn't really matter that it's the same, the challenge is still always different ^^ Especially if you try out different alts.

    I'm not sure what I'd think about a new acholomance/stratholme though... those instances are pretty pesty.

  2. True, the current verison of those places are - however I was a vanilla player and I remember forming a 15 man raid to venture into Stratholme the first time.

    Additionally, read the first word of every line. Muaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  3. LOL! I thought you had made some sort of formatting boo-boo, but that's hilarious.