Monday, February 21, 2011

Checking in

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted.  I've been busying playing the game lately, instead of writing about it.  There's so much to do with a new expansion and I've reached a pretty comfortable spot.

I've gotten all of my Cata reps up to exalted, even as of last night, with my own guild.  I've managed to get a decent number of epics and I'm alllllmost happy with my character appearance - gotta replace the shoulders and get a new helmet and weapon.

I've also had the task of building up a somewhat reliable offspec and gear for those situations where we encounter a one tank fight. Which, to be honest, I'm not all that happy about. I really do love tanking and dps is so foreign to me that I end up watching my hotbar instead of raid warnings / bad don't stand here stuff. I'm getting better at it though.

And in the guild, we've managed to down the first 5 bosses in Blackwing Descent.  I'm so happy about all of that.  My GM has done a little research and found out that we're in the top 60 some odd number of guilds on our server, and that makes me pretty happy considering we spend 6 hours a week raiding.  And most of the other guils that have the same numbers of bosses down that we do, have one or two bosses in each raid, not all 5 in one raid.

Also, we've had an interesting twist internally.  In wrath, we were loaded to the gills with strength dps classes and only had a few agility based melee.  This time around, we haven't had a single strength dps class with us (except for me when I need to offspec), and we're full up on agility characters.  And worse yet, we're struggling to get enough ranged classes.  We've currently got no warlocks or mages that raid.  Argh...

Balancing that sort of raid is pretty challenging, and sometimes proves nearly impossible.  For instance, dealing with the worms on the Magmaw fight with any less than three ranged really, really stinks.

For as much as I'm not fond of dpsing, we've had to have one of our bear tanks go boom for the majority of the fights.  He says he doesn't mind too much, but still...  I'm not sure why the raid design this time around is a bit funky.


  1. So what's this I hear about you and a certain other Officer tearing up BGs?

  2. We were doing a twos and a threes team with a fairly successful group. We got to about a 1700 rating, which is not too bad.

    However, not since the most recent patch have we done any pvp. We've shifted focus to PVE content and changed our offspecs to be more friendly to PVE encounters.