Monday, December 20, 2010

Holy Crap!? Did that just happen?

I had an incredible stretch of good fortune in Warcraft this past weekend, and I thought I'd brag share it with you all.

I saved up enough coming into the expansion that I had my major expenses out of the way.  I had already bought my master flying the first day it was available (screw you, Blizz, for lowering the cost by a grand a week after I bought it).  And I still had a good chunk of cash going into the expansion.  I'm now only one zone away and only about 40 quests away from having loremaster of cataclysm done, and that was a good chunk of money I'd saved from vendoring quest rewards.

I've also gotten my JC up high enough to start selling a cut blue gem on the AH and made some nice cash before quite a few others people now have the +60 stam gem.

Titansteel is also ridiculously cheep right now.  I snagged 12 bars and two arctic furs for about 500 gold, and then went farming for 80 bars of cobalt.  And I went back to questing for a while until I had over 12500 gold, and contacted a guild engineer and HAD MY VERY OWN CHOPPER MADE!

Yeah, yeah ground mounts are mostly useless now - but shut up!  Yer just jealous. 

So I go back to questing to remake some money to pay for repairs and the like when lo-and-behold I looted an 85 BOE epic.  My jaw dropped - and sunk even lower when I saw the going rate for BOE epics on the AH. 

I netted myself a cool 18,500 gold and promptly bought a travelers tundra mammoth too!


And after questing a bit more, I'm back up to roughly 3500 gold again!

And I hit a nice milestone too - Cataclysmically Superior!

What an awesome weekend.  I'm still in disbelief.


  1. Yeah, yeah ground mounts are mostly useless now - but shut up! Yer just jealous.

    Hey, they haven't allowed flying in BGs yet. If you want to strut your stuff, that's where you go. (Besides, even a Hawkstrider is better than an Elekk.)

    Congrats on the rest of the stuff --looks like you earned a good rest!

  2. That is some nice stuff right there! And it's ok to brag... I think it's nice to read stories of good things happening in game! Plus, it might inspire someone who has always wanted a chopper to go ahead and splurge on one.

    Even though you can fly pretty much everywhere outside of BGs, I do still like to hope on my chopper on occasion. Flying can sometimes be a pain, and hopping on my bike ends up being quicker..... plus I am a jumper. :P

  3. Of course, there are a few locations in the game world where you can't fly, which I'm going to hit on in an upcoming post. Methinks Blizz needs to fix those obvious holes.