Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick Thoughts on The Shattering

Yeah, I couldn't sleep.

Having checked out both sides of the coin, here's a bunch of quick thoughts on the Post Apocalypse:
  • Orgrimmar is completely unrecognizable.  Even The Drag is brightly lit.
  • Camp Taurajo is still burning.  Between that and Fort Triumph, that just stuck in my craw.
  • Desolace is... well... 'desolate' is not a good descriptor anymore.
  • Hillsbrad is like the Western Plaguelands, Forsaken style.
  • Ashenvale is like Southern Barrens to the Alliance.  'Nuff said.
  • The gigantic 'Ode to Me' statue in front of Stormwind Keep  --complete with top knot-- makes me dislike Wrynn even more.
  • There was a toon standing next to me, taking in the giant Wrynn statue, and said out loud "Tax payer money..."  I think he won the Internets last night.
  • Sylvanas is making Hellscream look normal.  Or as Vosskah put it when I was discussing the changes with him, "I'm starting to like Jaina more.  And that's saying something."
  • The old Barracks in Stormwind look like Deathwing took a gigantic bite out of it.
  • You can't go into an opposite faction's city solo anymore.  As a guildie put it, "You walk in, and instant death."
  • I got on Tomakan, mounted, and....  Dear Lord, Elekks ain't pretty.
  • You won't find the word Defias anywhere.  Not even in the Stocks.
  • There are so many flight points around I expected Ricky Ricardo to pop out from behind a tree and say "It's just so ridiculous!!"
  • For those of you who waited, the price on Master Flight dropped to 4k.
  • Magatha Grimtotem's tent is empty.  Good riddance.
  • Those Plagueborn Horrors?  You'll find L20 versions of them in Hillsbrad.
  • For Elune's sake, lose those bird arms, Malfurion Stormrage.
  • One last thing:  Dalaran at 8 PM looked like Dal at 5 AM.  Shattrath-style empty, here we come.
EtA:  Plants vs. Zombies!!


  1. "Hillsbrad is like the Western Plaguelands, Forsaken style."

    not quite. seems someone hasn't played plants vs zombies yet! =)

    and I totally forgot to check on the elekks today, duuuh! /slap

  2. @Syl: I'm mostly done with it. Only have the last wave to go through.

  3. I can't bring myself to look at Vid's elekk. :( I get that they are culturally appropriate...but now I am going to have to do Argent Tournament with her to get her a horse again!

  4. @Vid: Well, there's always being Exalted with Stormwind for getting a mount.