Monday, October 18, 2010

Cinematics for the Alliance

When I first watched the WoW Cataclysm cinematic, my first thought was "Okay, that's technically well done."  My next thought was "Outside of the brief glimpse of Freewind Post and Grom'gol, I'd say that the Horde comes out of this better than the Alliance does."

The last thing I thought of probably dates me, but did anyone else notice that when Deathwing said "Pain! Agony!" he sounded remarkably like Bugs Bunny?


  1. LOL!!! xD
    Now thanks for ruining that trailer for me, FOREVER!

    (bugs bunny is teh win tho!)

  2. I thought that was Org, not Grom'gol...but after watching a few times, I'm not sure.

    Also, Kargath (:56).

  3. @Syl: I do try. ;-)

    @Wynthea: I'm pretty sure it was Grom'gol, because the zep tower there is close to other similar-sized towers. The ones at Org are separated by the main road into the city.

    The view you saw at 0:56 was The Barrens, right at the midway point. There are some abandoned towers there, presumably ruined by the Quilboar.

  4. What Syl said. I didn't remember that Bugs Bunny clip, but I know I'll always think about it now when I see the Cata trailer. :P

  5. @Rades: Consider it another Blizzard nod toward pop culture.

  6. OMG! I love Bugs Bunny. I didn't make the association, but I won't be able to keep from laughing when I see the trailer! lol