Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where the greener is grass

Wow.com did an article recently that talked about when your alt become your main.  I find myself in this boat.  My deathknight is pretty well geared, and has around 5600 achievement points.

However, I've been playing my warrior a LOT more than my deathknight recently.  And I've been wondering if I really just enjoy the warrior class more, or is it more enjoyable because it's new to me? 

Each class has it's advantages and disadvantages.  Such as the Sindgragosa fight we're working on in ICC (8% grrrrr).  The DK is at an obvious advantage here because of anti magic shell, ice bound fortitude, vampiric blood, blood tap... there's just so many tools to keep myself up and fighting, where as the warrior has a shield wall, last stand, and enraged regeneration which are nice abilites, but not excatcly great for this fight.  There are fights though, that it's the otherway around.

I am enjoying the charge / intercept / intervene skills versus the pull method of the deathgrip.  And I enjoy the DPS offspec of the warrior a lot more than I do the DK.  There's just something enjoyable about the brutality of the warrior, either my target dies, or I do, either way I can and will put up one hell of a fight.  I get those moments on the DK too, but it feels some what artificial.  Like I expect to win most fights, and with the warrior I really have to work at it.

And I also must admit, my 2v2 arena team as resto shaman / unholy death knight really suffers against teams with a healing limiting mechanic (mortal strike or poisons).  This may get fixed with one of the new spells coming in the expansion for DKs, though.

So while we're in the current expansion, I'm still raiding and keeping my main as my death knight.  I just don't know about the expansion yet.  We've gotten plenty of info on DK changes, but a lot of it seems to be RNGish... but it's too early to tell.

I suppose if the changes to the DK mechanics make the playstyle feel more warrior-like, and less rogue-like I'd be happier.  If the current systems of using an ability every GCD slowed down a little bit to allow for the proc-type abilites it would bring some variation and thought to the rotation, which would be nice.

So I'm looking at either going with the pretty same as always warrior (with a small change to the rage system), or the DK who's getting mostly a complete mechanic overhual, talent tree overhaul, and more than likely months of rebalancing while they fine tune (aka nerf the shit out of) the changes they did.

How about everyone else?  Are any of the class mechanic changes making you leery about your current main?  How many of you are changing main characters in the coming expansion?


  1. I'm not planning on changing my main's class --Quint or Tomakan, it'll still be a Pally-- but the big annoyance I have with the class changes is the restriction of Cleanse to the Holy Spec. I love using that while soloing, and I've found it invaluable in instances to help out the Healer when the stuff is coming in quick.

    I'm not so thrilled about Beacon of Light changes as well. For the Pallys just getting Beacon, the changes mean it will become too much of a mana sink to be worthwhile unless they drop the mana cost of some of the regular heal spells.

  2. Many of my guildies are in the same boat and plan on changing their mains when Cata hits (which might be interesting when we are ready to raid at 85). It might be a combination of finally getting around to playing that new class and perhaps the upcoming changes announced (either good for the new class or bad for the current one). And for some, I think they just need a change of pace, as a few have been playing the same class for 5 years.

    I just got into alts this past year and have found every class and role enjoyable! I have thought about switching my main to a dps class many times. But then I look at the upcoming changes to disc priests or step into ICC to tank heal, and I realize how much I love the priest class.

  3. You're writing is getting pretty good, honey. :) I'm 'remaking' Simsy now and I still have my mage... who knows what I'll do when the expansion comes out.