Friday, June 25, 2010

Something odd is happening...

Alliance actually won a wintergrasp this week... and in less than 5 minutes to boot! After which, I received my three marks from the battle, and turned them in (along with another 37) and got some fancy new pvp shoulders on my warrior.

The night after that, the Alliance were back to business as usual and I had a spectacular losing streak of battle grounds, but gained enough honor to purchase the wrathful cloak. So hooray for losing matches with the quickness. I did get the chance to get a bit of excitement, though. Tenacity x8 makes blaaaaaaade stoooooorm a LOT of fun. I had 76,000 health, and could drop an enemy player in 4 hits (a LOT less than that if they had no resilience).

I figured I'd try to get one battleground in tonight and WSG was what came up. Holy crap, was I astonished to see 5 other players pretty well outfitted in pvp gear, and not a single heirloom weapon to be seen anywhere! It was pretty much a steamroll in favor of the Alliance.

It's interesting to see the various battlegrounds now from two perspectives. The horde truly does seem intimidating, and the alliance has no flippin clue what they're doing. I cannot tell you the number of times I've seen half the team go straight for the flag in Eye of the Storm, or the entire team sans 1 person at the stables go to the mine in Arathi.

It's an odd feeling to just look at battlegrounds as a way to farm honor, instead of actually playing the game and trying to win. At points, when the team is just SO BAD I don't even feel like trying, because it would be a suicide mission to do so, I have to admit: I've given up and just stayed at a spawn point for a while until the match ends.

Come to think of it, I used to laugh about the crazy suicidal Allinace "I'm a hero - I'll kill you all with one fell swoop of my *gurgle - flop - overly dramatic death animation*" Who knew? They're not suicidal, they were just the only poor bastard on the team who actually was trying. And now it's me!?

I'm wondering if the attitudes of the players has changed a bit with all of the instant gratification we're seeing. "Oh, crap. The horde took three flags. Ok, that just means it'll be over quicker."

Honest to goodness, I have seen Alliance players justify their lack of effort as "the horde has 20 minute queues, and we can get in battlegrounds instantly." Which, coming from the Horde as I did, I know is completely untrue. It totally depends on the server / battlegroup.

And to further the topic, Blizzard is making regional cross battlegrounds, meaning all of North America will the thrust into the pool of players waiting to play matches. Which, should speed up the queue times for the Horde.

So all you Horde players rejoice! You'll be queuing up faster, and winning the same amount as always, because the Alliance just sucks at rational thought and organized fights; they'd much rather follow the safety of the herd and just defend one node.

Yep, we sure got stables here. No foul hordie is gonna take my flag! Yep, horses... Such a shame we can't give them any shoes or any work to do such as hauling ore, or even timber around because we'd rather just let the Horde have the mine, lumberyard and blacksmith. And we can't feed em either; no farm.

With treatment like that, I surprised the horses don't leave. Maybe that's what we're all there for? In fact, I think I'll start organizing an equestrian guard squad in the games from now on. Our battle cry will be "Hold your horses!"


  1. Well, I was on a couple of weeks ago when some of the GDL guildies decided to do Wintergrasp. About three minutes later they were talking in GChat about 'how the hell did that happen?'

    Seems the Alliance got to some tanks very quickly and that was that. Wintergrasp was over in 60 seconds or something ridiculous like that.

    So yes, even on A-52 Wintergrasp can be won by the Alliance.

    Oh, and when I was working on exploring the area around Ashenvale as Tomakan, I stumbled across the WSG manual queue line. Since he's at the right stage to start learning again, I was tempted. I didn't have the time that night, but I was tempted.

  2. I was shocked last weekend (AV holiday) when it seemed like the traditional roles of the Alliance and Horde had switched. Horde used to dominate AV, with the alliance playing stupid and forcing turtling. But last weekend, we were the ones doing this. We were the ones aggressively running to Northern flags, then abandoning them to push North before they had capped. Loss after loss. Nerdrager after nerdrager. It was so disappointing.

    I have also noticed that 'instant gratification' thing you were talking about. My BG chat is constantly full of 'U suck, we lose', like 2 minutes into the fight! In the time you took to type that one line, you could have been productive and killed an Alliance (sorry guys).

    I also had not heard about the massive regional BG. That will probably prove to have additional benefits for people like me on horendous battlegroups (Emberstorm), but man do I pity any who is actually in a good battlegroup. All I can say to those people is, you are NOT prepared!

  3. Don't worry about me, Quint is still Horde. I might just use Tomakan as a guinea pig to get some strategy down before Quint ventures forth.

    Hmmm... all those Shards from Horde winning WG has to be good for some gear....

  4. No offense taken, I'm still Horde at heart. I faction changed to play with a friend, and met a lot of good people. Were it not for them, I would faction change back to Horde with the quickness.