Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Just thought I'd check in and give a little update on what is goin' on with Sat.

Well... since the drama that happened, I've been sitting back and just taking things easy. I'm still server transferring to Tichondrius, but its going to have to wait a couple of weeks. I'm making a trip out to Arizona so the xfer will happen either shortly before I return or shortly after.

I leveled a Death Knight to 80. She's specc'd Blood. I have the rotation down - its actually pretty simple. It is rather odd to go from a squishy healer to a plate dps class, but its fun. I leveled her mainly to farm. She'll be comin' with Satyana to Tichondrius =)

On another note... The guild that shall not be named that I was in is pretty much dead. I spoke with someone in the guild and was told that just about everyone was pissed I was g-kicked and everything went downhill rather quickly. My "replacement" just didn't seem to cut it. The pally healer we ran with every week said that I pretty much carried him through the raid and when i was gone he realized how much I really did in keeping the raid alive. People stopped logging in for raids - key people too. My friend told me the guild message of the day read "Its been a good run. Thanks to everyone who participated." I admit, I did do a /who on the guild a few times and each time, there weren't many people on. Just a couple at a time if any.

I don't want to sounds mean... or bitchy... but I feel somewhat vindicated. I'm hoping that now they are realizing that I did help hold that guild together and handled things that no one else wanted to. I was even told by a couple of people in the guild that I ran that guild and should have had the GM title. It felt nice to hear that the members of the guild appreciated the things I did even if the other officers didn't.

Well anyway... since I'm in between guilds/servers, I haven't done much of anything else on my priest. Just giving her a break for a bit. She'll be back in the action in a couple of weeks. A short hiatus is needed. After my trip, I'll be back to watching health bars and keeping folks alive and I'll be reporting on what its like to be in a high end raiding guild - #3 on Tichondrius, World ranked 627.

Until then, Adieu.


  1. Hopefully the new guild will be more geared to what you're hoping for.

    Have fun with the DK! I've been toying around with the idea of starting one --I've got alt-itis, I guess-- but I've resisted so far.

  2. I don't think it is mean or bitchy, or at least not in a bad way, to be slightly pleased that kharma came around. Over the course of a year, my guild encountered 3 people that seemed really nice at first, but turned out to just be really mean and nasty people. I still /who them every so often out of curiosity, and do feel a little better when I see that they are alone in their guild, no longer play on our server, or always have a new guild tag.

    When someone's stupidty stems from their greed, ignorance, or selfishness... it is ok to point and laugh.