Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not Much.... You?

I'd like to say that there's something important or earth shattering that prodded me to post, but... not really.

Oh, I don't have the summer doldrums or anything, but there's not much to report.  I'm still grinding through Loremaster, I'm still getting comfortable having an Alliance alt, I'm still prepping for migrating some more toons over to Ysera.  Even the random "Join Guild" requests I get on my alts seem to be dying down.

So there's a whole lot of "not much" going on.

However, there are a few tidbits I've discovered over the past week that I want to share:

  • I don't know about your server, but on the Area 52 Auction House, the Moss Agates and Jade are going for more than Dream Shards and Infinite Dust.  A matter of supply and demand at its best; nobody is mining/prospecting the low level stuff, and it shows.  When you've got 5+ pages of Dream Shards, there's too much supply.
  • For the PuGs I was in, Amber Void was harder to achieve than Ruby Void.  Admittedly, I don't ask if anyone wants to go for the achievements; that's almost a guarantee for someone to drop, especially in the early-morning-before-work runs.  But when someone else is interested -and I have the spare time- I'm happy to accommodate them.  I finally got some people interested in trying for Ruby Void in The Oculus, so we did it in near record time.
  • I have bad luck in getting those rare drops.  Here's a running total of drops that I haven't seen since, oh, January or February:  Reins of the White Polar Bear, Tiny Emerald Whelping, Azure Whelping, Dark Whelping, Reins of the Blue Drake, and Battered Hilt (only once, the second time I went through Pit of Saron, and haven't seen it drop since).  Perhaps I was spoiled in getting that Tiny Crimson Whelping to drop in 45 minutes worth of grinding...
  • I really enjoy the Draenei starting zones.  Of the starting areas I've played in so far, I like the Draenei starting zones better than all save for the Blood Elf starting zone.  I still find it fascinating that the Blood Elf starting zone makes absolutely no mention of Draenei at all; in fact, if you hang around the Bazar enough you'll find some commoners debating whether or not the Sin'dorei should abandon the Alliance and align with the Horde.  (Wouldn't that have been entertaining, the Draenei go to Azeroth to find the Alliance only to discover that the hated Blood Elves are in the Alliance?)
  • I'd forgotten how funny the BE representatives at the various Horde locations are.  There's the Magistrix in Tarren Mill is in trying to keep her obvious disgust over the Forsaken from showing:  "It's our duty to help these... these... people."  The Advisor in Stonebreaker Hold:  "I must have made a misstep somewhere to be assigned here."  The Magistrix at Freewind Post in Thousand Needles:  "What’s a sin'dorei doing standing on the top of a windswept butte in Thousand Needles instead of the halls of Silvermoon?"
  • I saw something I'd never thought I'd see:  A Hordie attacking the Goblin Flight Engineer at Ratchet.  My guess is that he was going for the Exalted with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, but no guarantees there.
  • I was under the impression that the people in my guild had forgotten that I came along with Souldat and Millalyn in transferring from Stormscale.  Nobody said anything, and I didn't feel like pouring lemon juice in people's wounds in reminding them about how things ended up.  Well, I was surprised on Friday when a couple of guildies asked me how Soul was doing, and whether I still hook up with him or not.  From the discussion that ensued, I was under the impression that they still liked ol' Soul; I guess he still has that charmer in him. ;-)
  • Speaking of guildies, I've gotten used to being the only one on early in the morning when I do most of my WoW activities.  However, these past few weeks there has been quite a few new people logging in and playing before work.  I don't think I started a trend, but they all seem to be IT people as well; for them, the odd hours aren't that big a surprise.
Anyway, there you have it. 

So.....  Whatcha been up to that hasn't made it into a blog post?


  1. I also really enjoy the Draenei starting area. I'm not quite sure if I could say that I like it better than the Blood Elf area though. (They're certainly much better than the original races' starting areas though, that's for sure!)

  2. I've just been getting things ready for my transfer. I haven't left yet due to waiting on a check to arrive. It'll be a couple more weeks before I leave Area 52 - I'm makin' a trip out to Arizona so I will have to wait until I get back =P.

    Leveled a DK to 80. O.O I may need to bother Soul for some DK advice. Lol!

  3. I'll be making my own post about what I've been doing lately...

    However, if you need DK advice, I'll be happy to help, Sat.

  4. @Anea: Part of the reason why I like the BE Starting Area better is sentimental; my first two toons were Blood Elves. However, the BE Starting Area also has the tie-in with the Scourge, but without the extreme single-mindedness toward vengeance that the Forsaken have.

    One thing I've always puzzled over is why two Horde races have the Scourge in their Starting Areas, while the Alliance gets away without worrying about them for a while. For the Draenei, it wasn't even in the picture, so that doesn't bother me so much, but the others? The Blood Elves, Forsaken, and Draenei are forced pretty much from the beginning into looking at the big enemies of all the races, but the other races start out with internal problems instead.

    @Satyana: I thought I saw you on last night, but I assumed it was a mirage.

    @Soul: You could have given the tank in The Oculus this morning some advice. Typically, I have some leeway with DK tanks on my attack pattern, but with this guy.... If I did anything more than a Judgement or Crusader Strike I'd pull aggro. And I'd still pull aggro if I wasn't completely behind the mob at exactly the right angle. It was getting to the point where I was just doing the basic damage and spamming Hand of Salvation when the tank decided to split.

  5. I feel your pain with the RNG. While I have had some awesome luck with certain drops (I have the UP drake on 2 toons and the Occ drake on my main), others still taunt me. Like the Oracle's green drake... been buying that stupid egg every week since the beginning of WotLK (except for a small period when I took a break from disappointment). And the Polar Bear. Whenever I open that bag to find snowballs, I pelt Gretta with them while cursing behind my screen. I guess it is kind of theraputic...

  6. @NaturalGamerGirl: I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets their kicks pelting Gretta with the snowballs. I've got enough freaking snowballs to summon my reindeer pet, thankyouverymuch!

    Yeah, in Sholazar, I chose the Frenzyheart. Real brilliant on my part. Okay, I didn't exactly choose Frenzyheart, but I just started hitting them both in the quest chain and the first one that drops is the one I'm not going with. Ergo, I've got a looong road of grinding ahead of me if I want that green drake. I think the netherwing drake grinding will be easier....