Monday, June 14, 2010

Choosing the type of engineer to be

So, I'm leveling engineering on my warrior, and I was curious about the differences between the two types: goblin and gnome.

I happened upon an awesome post on the official forums and I wanted to share it with you all:

Courtesy of Mcnostril, of the guild Raging Hordeon on the Illidan server

Everyone knows the doo-dads gnomes make are far inferior to things that go KA-BOOM.

In a real life adventure, would you like a pocket knife that includes an hammer, wrench, and skinning blade... or a mini nuke?

The Death Star was goblin engineering at its finest.

Gnomes built the Frodo's Shire.

Death Star attacks with world shattering boom
Shire retaliates with a well made wind chime
Death Star adds 200% pewpew
Shire thinks a firm scolding is in place
Death Star lures you with waffles
Shire can only offer weak pancakes

Goblin engin or gtfo

 I also got a chuckle out of his signature line:
"How many Gnomes does it take to paint StormWind: Depends on how hard you throw them"
With logic like that, it looks as if I'm going to be a goblin engineer.


  1. Might as well get it now before they decide you're not allowed to be a Goblin engineer.

    Right now I've got Tomakan as an engineer and I've been a bit underwhelmed about the options so far. Lots of guns, tho.

  2. Oh, and a little bird told me that Souldat has some other "Soul"-mates out there of yours. Just how many "Soul" incarnations are out there, anyway?

  3. Just two, I have Souldat (DK) and Souldebt (Warrior), and Alaghor (Rogue).

  4. No, he's just gotten a name / race change.

    He's gone through a lot of revisions, which is I think why I'm going to play him for my main character... I've spent enough on him.