Wednesday, June 2, 2010

530 Levels

So seeing as we've been doing the "What have you been up to" posts, here's mine.

I've pretty much stopped playing my DK raider, except when he's needed by the guild for a random dungeon run or needing a raid slot filled on the regular Saturday / Sunday nights.  I still like death knights, but haven't felt the attachment to the class I once felt.  Mostly, I think, because I'm anxious about the retuning of the class mechanic and restructuring of the talent trees.  I'm sure Death Knights will come out overpowered like mad and then be nerfed constantly while they fine tune everything. 

Even if they come out on top, it won't FEEL the same as I'm used to, which I quite enjoyed the "push something every GCD" button mashing style.

I have been playing my warrior recently.  He's finally 80 and geared up in PVP gear with a Tyrannical Beheader, and slowly working on PVE gear.  This late in the expansion I don't really want to gear up another tank and plunge into the dungeons yet again.  In fact, I've been queuing up as DPS and trying out a fury build for fun.

I also joined up a 2v2 arena team on my warrior.  My first arena match ever was on the team I had helped build up to a 1300 rating.  We won the match (boy was I nervous), and I promptly got the "Step into the Arena" achievement.  HAH!  That other team had to feel just a little emasculated...  Not only did they get beat, but by a guy who's never done arenas on a particular character, and in a bracket that he didn't belong in.  My arena team mate and I got a good laugh out of that.

And I've also been busy feeling guilty about not rolling a lowbie alliance alt to play with Redbeard.  I don't think I have the gumption to level anything in this current expansion.  I added it up, and to date, I have gained 530 character levels through out most of my characters and alts.  I have 5 level 80s, and various alts (two of the 80s are Death Knights, so I only counted 25 levels each).  There's no other class (beyond the current 80s I have) that I feel a need to have, and leveling another of the same classes I already have feels pointless to me.

Once Cataclysm hits and teh old world gets a new face and lots of new quests I may want to level through it again, but for now I'm burned out on leveling.

How many total character levels have all of you earned?


  1. For my current toons (not all the ones that got deleted and rerolled over the 5 years)... 611.

    I suck so bad at PvP. I started gearing my rogue up in PvP gear initially as an alternative to mass running dungeons (which is what I'm doing with a shaman and pally). I am actually having a ton of fun with it, though I still suck. I am a rogue... I should be stun locking and pwning people. But a holy priest's vanity pet could probably kill me. Oh well.... maybe I will get better at it sometime.

    And loved the story of your arena debut. A nice little slap-in-the-face to your opponent. Good luck in the rest of your matches!

  2. I don't think I have the gumption to level anything in this current expansion.

    So that's what you've been doing on Thursdays. I'm planning on queuing up for Ragefire before Tomakan reaches 21 and it drops off the radar; I wanted Flash of Light before healing an instance, and I don't feel like trying to rush through Org to get to the darn place like I'm planning with the Stockades on Quint.

    How many total character levels have all of you earned?

    200 levels. One 80, four 10s, four 20s. (I'm not counting the less than 10 toons.) At the rate I'm going, I might reach both Crusader and Loremaster at the same time, before the end of this month. And ahead of schedule. That'll give me the time to level a few alts more in earnest.

  3. hmm... 6 80s - 1 of which is a DK so only 25 levels on that one... so 425 levels.. I have a lvl 73 shadow priest (my very first priest/character) so 498. /facepalm. too many levels!