Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hardware Review

I have a new toy!

I just recently purchased a new mouse, as my old one was on the fritz.  I went all out this time, purchasing something that would enhance my game play and give me more readily available buttons for macros.

I just recently started getting into the rated arenas, and found out how nice it would be to set a focus target and have macros scripted to do things to my focus target, and not have to worry about manually swapping targets.

I asked some guild members what sort of mouse they use, and what they would recommend.  The answer came back:  Razer Naga.  So as per usual before dropping a chunk of money, I did some research to find out if it all 17 buttons will be worth the money.

I found a world of warcraft player that actually has become sponsored by Razer, and has started making videos about how it's increasing his game play and giving out free equipment to viewers.  It's kinda cool, and amazing that he actually got sponsored.  Talk about a dream job...

I have now had about a week of play time with the mouse, and adjusting to the feel of the very sensitive laser as well as the plethora of buttons has been fun.  My hand is very comfortable resting on this mouse, and I don't get cramps after long gaming sessions as I used to with my old mouse (Logitech G5).

I'm still trying to figure out how to best use all of the new buttons, but it's giving me something to toy with and in the long run, I feel will help out the gaming experience (and it has 17 buttons).  This thing has so many buttons, that in the little packet of papers included, are little rubber pads you can stick on to the keys to help train yourself and develop muscle memory...  How crazy is that!?

Ascetically, it's a very pleasing mouse.  It just looks nice... the symbol on the palm sorta pulses and the mouse wheel having it's own light is just well, it's gaudy. But it looks nice!  And I am very pleased, as I mentioned before, with the way my hand rests on the mouse.  The left and right click have sort of a channel where you fingers rest, and even the third finger has it's own spot to rest off to the right of the mouse (sorry pinky, you still get to dangle, but not uncomfortably so).


  1. USB?

    Or, perhaps a better question is whether you have to replace the old mouse with this one, or if you can use this one in the same manner as a joystick: as an optional add-on to your PC.

  2. This mouse replaces the old one. It's a gaming mouse... which basically means it's built to last a bit longer and take more abuse than the average office mouse, as well as having higher quality components in the mouse.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Souldat. I'm in the market for this mouse, and watching the vid helps out a lot.