Monday, May 24, 2010

Good bye Area 52. I'm going old school.

So I was going to try to keep from writing about this, but writing is a good catharsis for me...

The first thing I will say is that I really believe now that 90% of people aren't who they seem to be. When you play this game, you form friendships with people... whether its intentional or not. It just happens because of the social aspect of this game. You spend hours each night with these people so that you can kill a douchelord who likes to spit up ooze on you, throw beach balls into your face, or bombs all over the room and blow you off the platform.

Maybe its a personality flaw of mine... I hate to think its a flaw, but maybe it really is... I have faith in people - regardless of all the shit I've been through in my life. I placed faith in a group of people and thought of them as friends. I did a lot for the guild and these people... yet a couple of them found it to be fun to pin something all on me and then portray me as the bad guy.

I found out that these people were saying that I did nothing at all for the guild - I only did what I did because I was told to do it which is the complete opposite of what actually happened. Everything I did was done on my own time at my own will. I also found out that they said they only kept me in the guild because I was just a "hot voice in vent".

Just to give you an idea of what I did for this guild - I created the banner for the guild website, I created the guild application, I kept tabs on the guild bank - I could recite to you from memory what was in that bank and who took out what or deposited what, not to mention I sank about 3k gold to help start that guild bank. I also talked to recruits because a couple of officers didn't want to saying that "they aren't a people person". Whenever someone had a problem they came to me. If someone got GKicked, that person messaged me and I had to play Public Relations. I've even had other officers/GMs of other guilds come to me with a complaint. Not to mention that if the GM/Raid leader wasn't online at raid time, I started the raid group and had to make the decision on who to take to raid and who to sit out... and I did my absolute best while in raid.

Thankfully, a few people stuck up for me and had my back - regardless of their personal feelings for me, they found it childish and ridiculous. To those few, I thank and will always be grateful.

Because of the drama and amount of hurt they caused me, I'm leaving Area 52. Now, I know that regardless of where you go, drama happens... It will always happen because of the number of people who come in contact with each other... but I just can't stay on Area 52 because of transpired... what this drama entailed (I didn't go into the "meat" of this drama), and the people involved... Unfortunately, I'll never be able to escape what happened because of these people.

I'm going to Tichondrius. I'm going old school. Tichondrius is a PVP server that has been around since the first day. I'll be joining my brother's guild, Blur. They are the #3 guild on the server and are currently working on killing Lich King Hardmode in 25man. Right now, I'm not geared to join in on their Hardmode runs, but I am able to run with their alts (who are nearly as geared as my priest) to get gear and clear content I have yet to see.

Well, anyway... I guess my only advice is to keep your eyes open... It doesn't matter how comfortable you get with a group of people or how good of friends they seem, there is always the possibility that they'll turn on you whenever they feel convenient or even funny.

To my friends staying on Area 52 - I wish you all good luck and I'll see you around.

To the people who talked shit about me - I hope you grow up and see the error of your ways. You lost a friend - the kind of friend that is rare. Its sad that you got your jollies off by listening to my voice in vent... its sad that you disregarded the fact that I'm a real person... a person who would have done anything for you as a friend and anything for the guild.


  1. Getting a fresh start can be great, and hopefully exactly what you need. I hope things work out for you.

  2. It is really sad to hear what happened to you. I just started reading this Blog, and don't know you at all... but I completely understand that feeling of betrayal. I like to think I am a decent person, and I never forget that there are RL people behind those toons. But I have seen so many people close to me turn out to be huge douchebags. There are a lot of selfish and inconsiderate people in the world, and you can only hide your true self from Azeroth for so long before it eventually creeps out...

    Good luck with your fresh start! I hope this ends up being a really good thing for you, and that you love your new guild!

  3. Good luck in the new server, Satyana. Hopefully things will settle down for you.

  4. Thanks all =)
    I really think that transferring servers and starting fresh with my brother's guild will turn out well. My brother and I get along really well, and he has already told his guild that I'll be there in a few days. They have all already welcomed me.

  5. Of course they did, Ms. Hot Vent Voice would be welcome anywhere.

  6. ~blink~ Rule number one of being a woman that plays WoW: Don't talk on vent! I know you know better. Heck, I know better, but I still do it. Men!

    But seriously, I wish you luck on Tich.

    You're absolutely right, people will turn on you no matter where you are. It's when it happens unexpectedly with people you thought were safe that it hurts the worst. I think we've both witnessed it one too many times in our "WoW careers."

    /yell STELLAH!