Friday, December 11, 2009

Here we are...

at December already. Where has this year gone?

I know there's tons of 3.3 patch impressions floating around the blog-o-sphere and I won't comment on it much more than that I LOVE the new dungeon finder. It helped me find groups for dungeons while leveling the last 2 levels towards 80. I was able to queue up for a few dungeon runs and do some dungeon based quests I had not previously been able to.

The tool is nice for a small group such as ours. So I'm really excited to help the rest of my group out by tanking in dungeons. I've done all the dungeons before, so I have a bit of the strategy down. I do tend to forget minor details though.... like the AOE blast that happens when the final boss of Utgarde Keep comes back to un-life. What... so we lost one clothy and almost our healer. /flex OOOoh yeah.

I'm glad this new tool also affords our group what is finally an actual game play experience. The healer gets an opportunity to shine, and the dps gets a chance to actually dps instead of my character (ho was much higher level than the content) saughtered everything in sight.

Oh, and I'm also excited because I finally did reach level 80, where upon I equipped the 6 bind on equip epics I had saved / crafted for my tank.

That excitement comes with a bit of anxiety. I am now technically ready to start heroics. I have a defence rating of 537 which is just two points over the minimum to make sure I don't get a critical strike against me while in heroic dungeons. The anxiety comes from me being nervous about my character's gear. The role I've chosen to take is that of a tank. I am responsible for keeping my party alive and making sure I am the meatshield I am supposed to be.

Heroics are a new challenge for me, and I hope I am geared well enough to survive some of the heroics until I start getting better gear. I still haven't got any tanking trinkets and I will need to do some regular instances I think before I'll be ready to tank heroics.

I'm on my way though with 6 badges of triump!


  1. Um, you did lose your healer.

    Remember how damn long it took for me to run back through the dungeon after rezzing?

  2. Boss fights are like landing an airplane. If at least one of you lives it was a good landing.