Monday, February 17, 2020

I Can Handle Low Key

The WoW Classic Valentine's Day event is pretty much low key, which is perfectly fine with me.
You're wondering if the Dwarf had
forgotten about you? And you're
dressed like that? Lemme explain
a few things about guys....

As far as I can tell, there aren't any raids to deal with, just general hijinks regarding giving the equivalent of Valentine's Day cards to people, a few candy-esque goodies, and a rather simple quest chain that ends with a short epiphany on seeing through the purely physical to the soul of what it means to love.

I'm not here to spoil the event, but I will say that it was kind of a fun, low key event that --at worst-- had some temporary items that took up bag space.* Not a big deal all around, but a brief diversion nevertheless. And yes, I did burn the temp items as quickly as I got them, because I wasn't about to lose out bag space for mats and other junk I can sell to vendors when I come back from questing/instances.

I guess you could opine on how love doesn't require people to have, well, stuff to make love work. People give candy and flowers for Valentine's Day all the time, and those are at best temporary. Even jewelry isn't that important if you really love someone, it's just an item that people don't frequently wear in their everyday lives** when you really think about it. But it's the thought that counts, I suppose, and that's what makes Valentine's Day meaningful to people.

*And one piece of non-stat gear formal wear, which is great for roleplaying or just hanging around one of the major cities. (Or Goldshire, I suppose.)

**Unless it was an engagement ring given as a gift!

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