Saturday, December 22, 2018

You're Almost Old Enough to Drink

Twenty years ago on December 21st, 1998, a computer RPG by a little known software company named BioWare was released to the world. That computer RPG would go on to revolutionize and revive the Western style RPG.

Happy birthday, Baldur's Gate!

One of the many classic lines from Baldur's Gate.

And another....

And the source of the best quotes in the
game, Minsc (and Boo)!


  1. I think it was this game I tried and got about 10 minutes outside the city gates before I got brutally murdered by wolves or something and just couldn't continue… Don't know if my party setup was horrible or what I was doing wrong, but the game felt too unforgiving for me to be continuing it at that time. Have you played it through?

    1. Yes, back in mid-1999, when the person who owned the game at the time loaned it to me (it took him a few months to finish).

      The game is very unforgiving from the standpoint that it doesn't hold hands, but I was ready for that because the games of the 80s and 90s were like that, so I just saved after every fight (and before fights, and after a set amount of time, etc.)

      The Enhanced Edition allows you to play in a "story mode" that is a lot more forgiving, however.

      Right now, I'm playing in regular D&D Rules mode, and I've reached the city of Baldur's Gate. Since I have to pay attention to some timing quests, I've decided to put the replay on hold for a while while I work on ESO.

    2. Might have to check out the Enhanced Edition then, but eep… it's pretty pricey.

    3. I'd suggest waiting for he next Beamdog sale and then getting the game. That's what I've done so far with all of my Beamdog purchases (and, to be honest, my Steam purchases in general).