Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oh, This is Gonna Hurt....

I was working on the Red Crane Temple area of Karasang Wilds with Anduin in tow* when I ran into yet another gearcheck wall:  the two mini-bosses in the separate wings of the temple.  What was more annoying this time was that I was properly equipped with as much green and blue quest gear as would be expected as someone attempting this.  If it weren't for the ads that show up when the sha bosses are halfway down I don't think there'd be as much a problem, but those ads force me to use up all of my CDs, and then I'm just a sitting duck in leather gear** trying to build up combo points.

I'd been chatting with Vidyala from Manalicious in-game, and hearing of my latest wipe offered to help.  (I'd forgotten about CRZ capability in Pandaria; it's there, lurking beneath the surface.)  I gratefully accepted her offer, and when her Mage Millya winged in, I crept around and assaulted the first mini-boss.  Two zaps from Vid and the mini-boss was a smoldering heap.

"Holy crap!" I said.

Vid laughed.  "You're still L88," she pointed out.

"Yeah, but..." then I noticed her health bar.  "You're more than twice my health!"

"Did I ever tell you about the time I tanked Elegon?"

"Yeah, but...  Wow."  I knew that she was on the current raiding tier, but this discrepancy was almost as much as the discrepancy between a fresh L85 and a Mists-geared L89 in a battleground.

We circled around to the other mini-boss --she flew and I crept over-- and repeated the fireworks.

"All I can think about is how it's going to hurt when I ding L90 and get into a BG," I said, awed, as I thanked her for the assist.

Even now, I can see myself as a smudge on the ground, with the "L2P Noob!" ringing in my pointy ears.  Just when you thought you made it to the top of the mountain....

*I'm already sick of that kid.  For a Mists release, he sure seems to be fighting with the punch of a Wrath-era toon.  I find even Corso (the Smuggler companion on TOR) less annoying than Anduin.

**With a conspicuous opening right between the breasts.  Reminds me of the old Female Armor Sucks comedy skit that Collegehumor put out a while back.  Yes, go watch it through the link; it's a classic.


  1. Thank you for that, I'd never seen that video before.

    This brought back memories, My feral Druid remembers those mini-bosses and not in a fond way.

    1. "Ow! Right in the shiny part!"

      Yes, I've decided to take a break on the last boss there, the Sha of Despair, until I get a bit higher in gear. I came close to taking it out but not enough, and even though I'm sure Vid or someone else would be willing to help out, I ought to figure this out for myself.