Friday, August 3, 2012

For Your Friday Amusement....

....A few in-game escapades, providing a glimpse into MMO life.

In Eye of the Storm (WoW):

(Several Alliance hold the mid from a Horde attack)
Pally:  You see that?  I'm AWESOME!
Pally: /flexes
(Horde Shaman appears and knocks the Pally out into space)
Me:  Oh yeah, that WAS awesome!
Mage:  Do that again!
Pally:  You both suck!

In Alterac Valley (WoW):

(Horde Hunter sets up shop above Stormpike GY, one-shotting Adelwulf twice as he respawns)
Me: Will somebody get that damn Hunter?
Rogue:  Get him yourself.
Me: He's GY camping and one-shotting me.
Rogue:  That's no excuse.
(Rogue spawns at the same time I do, and he gets one-shotted instead)
Rogue:  Damn!  Someone get that Hunter!

In Isle of Conquest (WoW):

(Alliance gets the Workshop and we pick up the siege engine)
Pally:  Which gate is lowest?
Me:  Right.  It's at 54.
Pally:  Go right!
(Siege engine takes off, and then before it gets to the Horde Keep, starts dancing around.)
Me:  Go right!  Go right!
(Siege engine chases after a stray Horde player)
Pally:  WTF!
Warrior:  Go right, dammit!
(Siege engine goes to main gate and starts attacking)
Me: Not there!  Go right!
(Siege engine goes left and chases after Horde players)
Rogue:  Someone else drive that damn thing!


  1. Lol this was hilarious! But as a horde player, you know what I would say...

    .. silly alliance :P

    1. Ha!

      The last time I played Horde (on Neve), I was swearing up a blue streak because about a third of our side was composed of bots. By the time we finally got rid of them, it was way too late to win Eye of the Storm. Not exactly something fun to write about, especially when the very next game was AV and nobody stayed back to knock the Alliance off their timing for Tower Point or Iceblood Tower.