Monday, February 7, 2011

Hyjal vs. Vashj'ir - Brief Thoughts

Okay, Quintalan isn't exactly undergeared going into his first Cata zone, so I was prepared for an easier time.

I wasn't prepared for the Elites stuck in the middle of those burning areas when you're searching for the staff parts.

Q was wading in, taking 2 of those non-elites at a time, when Holy Wrath pulled another piece of "trash" over.

"Man," I thought, "that one's hitting hard."

The other two trash disposed of, Q turned his attention to that new elemental and... 

"Elite.  Oops."

During the corpse run, I reminded myself that I should still take a page from Neve and Tom's playbook and go easy on the trash pulling.


When I got to the portion of the quest chain where you had to escort Fandral Staghelm through the Emerald Dream, I was amused.  "Well, well, well.  Both he and Magatha are on the outs.  Good."


While I know I'm only partway through the zone, one thing that strikes me from the drops so far is the abundance of tanking gear.  Most of the Plate drops in Vashj'ir were DPS and/or Healing related, so I got used to gearing up quickly.  Hyjal, however, is more tank friendly.

Great news for tanks, but not so great news for melee DPS.  I'm not big on reforging Cata green gear --I'd rather save my money when I know the next zone will have gear to replace it-- but let's just say I'm glad that Q started with better gear than Tomakan did.


Convoy to L85 Update
Tomakan:  L83 in Deepholm
Nevelanthana:  L83 in Deepholm
Quintalan:  L81 in Hyjal


  1. Vid blundered into one of those elites, too! Voss watched me do it and heard me yelp, "Oh crap, that one's an elite!" He watched in silence as I calmed myself down with a mantra, "It's OK, you're a paladin, it's okay, you're a paladin..."

    I'm honestly surprised that you died and I didn't. I finished it and I was at around half health (after using LoH, etc) and Voss snorted derisively and muttered, "Stupid paladins."

  2. @Vid-- I was being stupid, running from mob to mob without healing myself, and started the pull at around 50-60% health.

    Of course, if I were on Neve, I'd have ended up pulling that extra one anyway due to the Water Elemental minion doing a little bit of "extra" work.