Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Few Short Notes

Where's my Can of Raid?

I hate buggy questlines.

The end of the Fleshwerks questline in Icecrown was bugged for what seemed like ages before that finally got fixed, and it kept me from finishing the Icecrown quest achievement for a while.  The same thing happened in Howling Fjord with the end of the Ymiron's questline, and that was my stumbling block in that region too.

And now we have Defending the Rift, a special gift for you from Cata.

After trying for about about a dozen times to get the questline cutscene to work, I gave up and called it a night.

Some people claim that it's Horde only, but since I was doing the quest on Tomakan, I know that Defending the Rift has it in for Draenei, too.


Why Is She LFD Being so Difficult?

I have a short, simple goal before I get to L83:  Finish the Northrend Dungeonmaster achieve on both toons.  It's not a hard thing to do; just get finished with all of the 5-mans (except ICC and ToC) on regular mode.

Then why does LFD hate me so much?

By my count, there are three Wrath instances that are impossible to solo:  Trial of the Champion, The Oculus, and Halls of Reflection.  ToC and Oculus are impossible to do because of the vehicle portion of the program; you need more than one person in there to survive the joust in ToC and the Eregos fight in Oculus.  Halls of Reflection has that nasty DPS race at the end, and no toon is able to put out that much DPS in that short a time before 'Big Boy Arthas' comes within range and nukes you.

To finish these, all you ought to be able to do is queue for only the instances you want, and then slowly eliminate them from the list as you complete them, right?

Then why did LFD send me into ToC over a half dozen times on each toon, giving me the same bosses to fight, without any variation?

I finally finished up enough stuff on Tom so that all I have left is a spare boss in Ahn'kahet that I must have missed, but Neve is still stuck in LFD hell, waiting on a non-fail run of The Oculus to miraculously appear.

Overheard around Azeroth

In The Oculus:  "What do you mean, Red is the tank?  Red is the DPS, Bronze is the tank!"

In Culling of Stratholme:  "What are you doing here, Ginger?  You're L82!"  [Ginger was Tomakan, in disguise as a red haired bearded guy.]

Tomakan:  "I want the achieve before I can't queue for this."

"There is no achieve here in normal!"  "Yeah!"

Tomakan:  "[Northrend Dungeonmaster]"


In Icecrown:  "So, how are things in Northrend today?"

Neve:  "Cold"

"Oh, but I'm sure we could cuddle somewhere for warmth."

Neve:  "No thanks."

"But I've got a nice roaring fire here going."

In Pit of Saron:  "Why did I die?"

Healer:  "Next time, kill adds before you pull Ick.  And don't stand in the green stuff.  Are you sure you've done this before?"

"Of course I have!"

Healer (in whisper to me):  "Yeah, right."

Also in Pit of Saron:  "What do we do now?"

"Run up the tunnel and don't stop until you reach..." [tank takes off] "...a halfway mark."

[tank runs up to the safe location]

Healer: "Stop!"

Tomakan:  "Stop here!" /jumps

[tank keeps running]

Healer:  "Oh Lord"

EtA: Added the rest of Mr. Smooth's attempts to pick up Neve.


  1. "Yeah, right." Hahah. <3 I like side conversations with people. I think somehow Pit of Saron attracts the ridiculous, too. That's where I met my nemesis...Comicsans.

    (p.s. - Of course Tom would have a redheaded disguise).

  2. @Vid-- Oh, I could have written at least two posts on that Pit of Saron run and the subsequent Halls of Reflection run. And I already did mention that DK incident to you, too; I'm saving that for after my first Cata runs.

    I'm just glad that the guy who kept after Tom, calling him Ginger, didn't ask anything like if the carpet matched the drapes. If he had, there would have been...issues.

    At least I don't have a flat top like Tom's disguise did. ;-)