Monday, November 29, 2010

The Rise Of The Mage...RAWR!

The latest patch, 4.0.3a, we mages have seen a resurgence of "WTB port to..." This can be good or bad, depending on your goals in the game. Sure, I'm an entrepreneur like the next Joe, but receiving request after request for ports not only gets old, it makes me postal. I don't have a lot of time in the game, so what time I do spend I want to get things done and go. To stop and port someone here and there occasionally is fine, but not constantly as I've had to experience the last week or so. Yes, I'm grousing, because like you I'd prefer the portal hubs. I'm all about self-efficacy. But there's another side to this that people don't consider...

This ain't Kansas anymore, Dorothy!

With the Shattering, our World of Warcraft has changed and porting back and forth won't afford you the opportunity to see all the nuances that have been altered forever. Its not about worshiping the developer gods, as much as understanding what the new points of interests are, as well as experiencing what the Shattering really means to each class. So I bare the nudge here and nudge there for ports for now, because some people won't be willing to pay the 25 gold I'll charge. Instead, they'll hoof it around and maybe, just maybe find something really special to enjoy and appreciate.


  1. On Neve, I've avoided most of the port requests because a) she's parked in Outland while leveling there, and b) she isn't high enough level to port people to Dalaran.

    The rarest port request on Horde-side? "WTB port to Stonard".

    Okay, since I've got you here....

    Right now, Neve's a Frost Mage. I originally started her out as Fire months ago, but I didn't like the lack of CC friendly talents as well as the mana-eating and threat heavy offensive spells. Now, of course, we've got 4.0.1 and 4.0.3 under our belts, and I've been toying with dual-speccing to Fire instead of Arcane. What's your opinion on that?

  2. The only time I've requested ports so far has been to get from T.Bluff to UC as a level 5, since I don't have the flight points and wouldn't survive the trip. (I wanted to powerlevel cooking while Pilgrim's Week was still on.)

    Otherwise, it's all about the touring for me! Must see changes!

  3. I found myself wanting to rush through travelling the old world already, and had to check myself to take a step back and realize that I should be taking my time and enjoying the new stuff.