Thursday, May 10, 2018

Neverwinter Goes for the Big One

Yes, I exist.

I've been busy as hell, however, trying to keep up with work and handling stuff with getting kids to and from school. (Which includes getting the oldest mini-Red back from her first year at university.)

However, I did see that the MMO Neverwinter is going to a place that's beloved (if that's truly the word) by D&D fans:

Oh. My. From


  1. Ooh! Guess it shouldn't be a surprise considering that DDO had a Ravenloft-themed expansion recently as well, but still... my very first tabletop roleplaying game was set in Ravenloft, so I feel quite fond of this particular setting. :)

    1. My first foray into Ravenloft was mid-90s when I played in a one shot DMed by an acquaintance of mine. I remember the rules surrounding succumbing to evil and/or insanity were evocative of Call of Cthulhu.