Saturday, September 12, 2015


I was watching this trailer again the other day, and I kept thinking that this would be an awesome game to play. But why did it have to be a First Person Shooter? As much as I try, I can only play an FPS game for about five minutes before the headaches start.


  1. It's one heck of a trailer, Blizz know how to do them....
    I agree fully, I wish this was a different genre but that probably won't stop me from playing it anyway. I dabbled at TF in the past and it can be fun in a team.

    1. If it was a third person viewing angle such as an MMO or the regular MOBAs, I'd be all over it. (Relatively speaking, as Splatoon is third person viewing angle, yet the Wii U gamepad adjusts your viewing angle when you tilt it so that throws my equilibrium off too.)

      Maybe, just maybe, Blizz ought to invest in an animated series for Overwatch. The setting would be great for that.

  2. I love how the security guy is playing Heartstone! xD

    But hmm, yeah, shooters... just not for me. :/