Wednesday, June 25, 2014

As Seen on TV!!


Tired of being stuck in a Warsong Gulch run with a 0-4 healer imbalance?

Does your Eye of the Storm have six Rogues in it?

Did you just discover that half of your Twin Peaks team has below 400k health?

Well.... Has Blizzard got a deal for you!!!

No longer are you saddled with either sticking out a painful loss or having a 15 minute deserter debuff! That's right, Blizzard has slashed the timer on the deserter debuff!

If you port into a BG that hasn't started yet and decide to drop, you get a 5 minute debuff. If you do it again within 20 minutes you get an additional 5 minutes tacked onto that debuff (until you reach a maximum of 20 minutes.)


Given that I'm often forced into taking a random I know we have no chance in or being saddled with a debuff that will last longer than the game, this is a sanity saver.

Of course, the SMART thing is to level out the teams more so that gear levels and healing components are more equal, but I doubt Blizz is going to do that any time soon.

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