Friday, November 8, 2013

Well, that didn't take long....

That's a wee bit of a screwup in advance of any announcement.

If the rumors are true and time travel --and Garrosh-- are at the center of the expac, I'm not so sure I'm on board.  I'm kind of blah about the whole idea of Garrosh again.


  1. Have to admit, I'm unbuzzed about that as well. Hopefully Garrosh will just be the mechanism to get us there and we'll ... deal with him early and conclusively and move on from there to a fresh storyline.

    1. Sounds like he's the catalyst, but I simply can't wrap my brain around the why of it. If we're going back in time to when Draenor was a planet before it blew up and became Outland, why not get there before Garrosh gets there?

      I'd personally prefer The Burning Legion right now.

    2. With the caveat that I'm kind of confused about the time travel (or lack thereof, I believe Blizzard specifically mentioned that this won't be a time travel expansion) nature of things that are coming, I have a theory.

      Garrosh WAS able to time travel back to a pristine Draenor and was able to avert the corruption. The time spent since then, until today, the Orcs have been banding together and preparing for Garrosh's revenge against the combined Alliance and Horde forces that usurped him. He isn't looking to undermine anything, he wants us to come together and do what we did so he can then come back in a few months and kick our asses. So, for US, we're fighting today... we don't have the ability to time travel (individually or especially as a group) so when we go through the new portal, we're going back to the current reality there which is that Draenor survived.

      At least, I think that's where it's probably going... and that nicely sidesteps the "fine, we'll get there 5 minutes earlier and gank Garrosh in the back while he's on his way to the meeting" plot hole. IF we can time travel, we SHOULD do exactly that. So, to keep us from having that option, it logically means that we won't be able to time travel.

    3. I expect the "alternate universe" idea is one that they're going with. Like I said in another post, they obviously read the comics to come up with that one.