Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Sense Much Fear in You

There are times when you just know something is going to go badly.

Like the time I was in Arathi Basin a few weeks ago.  Tomakan ported in, and I scanned the data in Healbot to see who I'm running with.  Healbot usually takes a second or two to scan each toon to let you know what spec each one is, and over the course of the next ten to twenty seconds I felt a disturbance in the Force.
  • We had six rogues
  • We had no tanks
At first we also had no healers, but a Druid switched to Resto while buffing. We were living the high life, let me tell you.

Well, I thought, stranger things have happened before, so I decided to stick this run out.  In retrospect, I think it would have been better if I'd just dropped and taken the debuff instead.  The Horde swarmed over us like kids after an ice cream truck, and the Warrior and two Frost DKs made a special point of making me their personal punching bag.

I figured that was just a bizarre twist of fate to be grouped like that, like the time I was in a four Pally run through Gnomer, until this morning.

My little Furball of Evil got into Warsong Gulch at the crack of dawn, and as I scanned Healbot, I saw the familiar Purple and Yellow in abundance.

"Oh oh," I muttered.  We had three Locks --myself included-- and three Rogues.

No tanks.  No healers.

Then someone dropped and we got a Resto Druid.

"Oh, this is not going to be good."

One of the Locks kept his Voidwalker on, and I resisted the urge to suggest he try a Succubus or Imp.  Sure, that Voidwalker wasn't going to help much against players who would just ignore its threat, but considering the group's makeup, I figured it wasn't going to matter.

On the initial run out from Silverwing Hold, I got caught from behind and one-shotted by a Hunter.  I respawned, and before I got anywhere, it happened again.  The third time, I got as far as halfway across the no man's land just in time to actually see my enemy before he dropped me.

Rinse and repeat.

While I waited for the Spirit Healer, the Resto Druid complained that nobody was protecting him and he dropped.  "Kind of hard to protect him when we're all dead," somebody replied in BG chat.

We respawned to find two Hunters, a Disco Priest, and a Holy Pally camping us.  "Oh, come on," I muttered while dropping DoTs as quickly as I could before I was killed.  "Like we're a real threat anyway."

In the end, I think I was killed about eight times in the span of seven minutes.  It could have been worse, I suppose, but I'd be hard pressed to find a BG run outside of the one time I ran Rated BGs that I got facerolled like that.

Dear Blizz--

Your BG finder needs work.  Please correct.

The Smudge on the Ground That Used to Look Like a Worgen

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