Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh, This is going to be good

I'd known that the Horde was going to partner with the Dragonmaw Clan in the Twilight Highlands, but while Neve was waiting on the platform for the arrival of the zeppelin, I wondered exactly how the intro was going to pan out.  Would Hellscream act like a doofus?  What exactly would the dragonflights think of this deal with the devil?  And were the Dragonmaw worth saving?

Well, at the moment the answers are:  yes, I don't know yet, and yes.

For a change, the Goblin in charge of the skyfleet had the right idea:  "What kind of madman orders away his close air support?"

Um, that guy.

/points at Hellscream


I kind of expected that both the Horde and Alliance lead in quests to the Twilight Highlands would be similar:  find a Twilight spy, reveal him/her, and basically look good for your faction's boss.  That followed the plan to the letter on the Alliance side, but the Horde side was, well, disappointing.  Greedy goblins and troops on shore leave in a town that would make Vegas or Bangkok look tame kind of took the edge off of the Horde's lead in quests.  If I want to watch greed like that, I'll turn on the news.


  1. I thought the goblin flight attendants who put the fear of god into you while waiting for your zeppelin were awesome.

  2. @Spinks-- By the time those two got to the parachute description, I was laughing.

    "Were you firing randomly into the bay?"


    "Um, maybe."


    If only the flight attendant descriptions they were mocking were half as good, I'd like air travel better.

    Although I have to admit, when I pulled that parachute, I expected an anvil to pop out instead of the chute....

  3. If you don't stay for the full flight attendant's spiel you're missing a huge amount of the fun. At first I was really annoyed, by the end I was wanting to skip boarding the zep so I could hear the whole 13-minute thing again.

  4. @Anonymous-- I found it funny in the same vein that a Mel Brooks movie is. (Think of Comicus doing his stand-up philosophy act before Nero in History of the World Part 1.)