Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Cataclysmic Gripe

Even though I haven't reached the Cata zones yet, that hasn't stopped me from three gripes about the expansion:

Oopsie About that Flying Thing

With Old World flying, you can fly everywhere in (non-BG) Azeroth.  Except for the BC starting areas and Quel'Danas, that is.

How ironic is that?  The expansion that introduced flying mounts into Azeroth is the one place where you can find Old World flying blocked.  Others might not find that much of a big deal, given the empty shells that Silvermoon and The Exodar are, but those places are special to me.  My big three toons are two Blood Elves and a Draenei, and I was really looking forward to pulling out my Dragonhawk and going flying in Eversong Forest.  Hell, I've been known to take the flight point back and forth from Tranquillien just so I can enjoy the view.

I know that Blizz wasn't planning on revisiting the BC and Northrend zones for a little while, but they at least put in flight points in Azuremist and Eversong.  The least they could do is enable flying there too.

Okay, Here's The Situation

If you haven't started a Goblin character, you ought to do it just to check out the starting zone.  It is unlike anything else in WoW, and that includes previous winner, Azuremist Isle.  It is steampunk taken to a Tim Burton Gotham-esque degree, and has lots of awesome in it.  (The Pleasure Palace has a putt-putt course in it.  How awesome is that?)

My complaint, you ask?

Blizz has a tendency to put in pop culture references everywhere, and I don't mind that.  Really.  But did we have to have a zone and a race (Goblins) that is The Godfather crossed with Jersey Shore?  It's like every bad Italian American stereotype coming home to roost.  And did we really need to see Snookie's hairdo on female Goblins?  As if we don't see her on the news enough, we now get to see her on Azeroth.  It almost makes you long for the days of Harris Pilton.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi -- WoW Goblin in Disguise?

You're Taking me to Where?

I don't mind the snuffing of the Worgen.  Really.  I don't have a dog, so it took me a few minutes to realize what it was; once I figured it wasn't some bizarre sound from an instance that I never noticed because I had the sound down, that is.  The over-the-top cockney accent doesn't bother me either.  If you've got kids and you still like Mary Poppins, you can handle the Worgen accents.  What bothers me is the face that the female Worgen toons have.  With those eyes and that expression, they look like you just told them they're going to the vet to get spayed.

EtA:  Added Snooki's pic so the people who thankfully aren't exposed to the show can see what I'm talking about.


  1. The female worgen faces are utter fail imo. :(
    the males have that savagey thing going on they're really about, but the females are basically disney wolves with a permanent 'oh-shit' face..

    and who's Snookie?? =D

  2. @Syl-- For the people who (thankfully) don't have access to the MTV television show Jersey Shore, I added a pic of her.

  3. @Syl-- About the only thing I can say is that she doesn't have that "dead as the Scourge" look that Paris Hilton has.

  4. Our complaints about worgen intersect perfectly, it seems! Making a goblin is still on my "definitely intend 'to-do.'" They seem really cool (I was more excited about them than worgen, to be honest).

  5. @Vid-- I wasn't so sure about Goblins at first --I kept thinking that all the kids would create Goblins and the Horde would be overrun with hyperactive teenagers-- but it's not been so bad so far. And I do like what they've done with the race, except for the stereotyping business.