Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love - Hate Relationships

I spent the early morning and then the late evening running lots of 5-man heroics.  I don't normally chain run a bunch of them at a time -hell, I don't normally have the time to do that either- but since I'm going to port a character loaded with heirlooms over to Ysera, I'd better make it count.

By the end of the day, my head was kind of spinning.  Some of the highlights of the runs included:

  • A Forge of Souls run wherein I replaced a DPS who went AFK right before the Devourer of Souls.  Apparently he never mentioned anything and didn't disconnect, but he just stopped moving.  So I was brought in, we zapped the Devourer of Souls, instance over.  Had to be the quickest instance I've ever been in.
  • A later run in the Forge of Souls where I actually had the music turned up.  What's with all the guitars and musical references with The Brohnjam?  An inside WoW joke about a developer who plays a lot of air guitar?
  • An Azjol-Nerub run wherein I don't die.  I've had this bad streak lately where I'm the one that gets pounded, and I'm getting sick of it.  Even when the tank has a good lock and I'm on the side or the rear, Anub-arak spins at the last second and grinds me into the dust.
  • A stupid tank move in Utgarde Pinnacle.  You know how Ymrion makes everyone cower in fear several times while he buffs himself?  Well, the tank was in a hurry and decided to pull the last trash mob up into Ymrion so that "we could get this done quicker".  Well, guess what happens when you're cowering in fear and there's trash wailing on you?  Yep, you take lots of damage.  The tank assumed that, but what he forgot was that the healer was also cowering in fear.  No healer, no heals.  Oops.  Once the tank wiped, the Hunter's pet became the tank for the last 1/3 of the fight.  Amazingly enough, even with Righteous Fury turned on I couldn't pull aggro off of that pet; the pet held aggro better than the tank did.
  • A Drak run where the healer said "pull the whole room, I'll cover it".  I groaned.  The tank stared at him.  "Oookay," she said at last, and proceeded to do it.  For a change, the healer actually delivered on his boast.  "I'm just tired of this place," he said as we pressed onward.
  • A Halls of Reflection run where the healer was on the verge of dropping.  "I don't think I'm good enough for this," he said.  "You'll do fine," I replied.  And the remarkable thing about that run was that nobody did die.  (Yes, it does happen.)
  • A Trial of the Champion run where I bit it because I was "standing in the green goo".  Well, newsflash, Blizz:  I was outside of the green goo by a good margin, but I still was dropping as if I were standing in the middle of the stuff.   The lag monster bites again.
  • The tank that got lost in The Oculus, and tried to tank on a Bronze drake.  I should mention that I did ask beforehand if anybody was going for an achievement, and nobody spoke up.  When one of the DPS noticed the tank getting a Bronze, he took a Red drake.  Good thing he did, because the tank died on the final fight trying to tank it from the Bronze, and then because the Green drake was spending so much time trying to heal the tank the Red drake dropped.  In the end it was just me and the Green drake in a race against the last boss to see who would drop first.  Miracle of miracles, the boss did.  (Then the tank -in a hurry to get back to claim his loot- flew by a whelp and killed both himself and me.  Sometimes life is not fair.)
  • Oh, and we got the big ol' doggy boss in Violet Hold, so both I and the Mage pulled out our corehound pets before the fight.  "I couldn't resist," I told her, and she agreed. "It was like a Pug vs. a German Shepherd."
Sandwiched in between all of these runs were several uneventful instances.  Well, there was the one time where the tank ported in and started running, but when the healer hollered "I have no mana!" that kind of brought that little game to a stop.

Ah, what fun indeed.

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