Monday, January 11, 2010


To get some of the quest achievements for Northrend, you have to have completed a certain number of quests in each area. Now, I know that I left quite a few quests on the table when I moved to Dragonblight from Borean Tundra, but I figured I was finished with Howling Fjord when I moved away from there. Looking over the number of quests left to reach the achievement for Howling Fjord, however, I see that I must be wrong.

Where the heck are those extra 20+ quests anyway? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Apparently I can answer my own question.

    There's a Kalu'ak near the Ancient Lift that spawns a boatload of quests.

  2. Yea, its easy to just get a flying mount, fly over the zone and look for exclamation points lol. Which is what I do. I also have mods that give me a pretty good idea where all the quest nodes will be.

    Good to see you've made it to Northrend. I would also suggest the new LFG tool. I leveled my warrior up from 72 to 80 just by doing instances, then I go back and do the questing. Makes it much easier on a PvP server, which for some reason I'm on. lol

  3. I've just been pushing along with the questing because it gives me the scope of the thing. The next time around (probably the Priest, but I've been thinking Tauren Hunter too) I might do more instance heavy work.

    Now, if Blizz would just fix The Slumbering King quest, which has been broken since before Winter Veil...